No Such Thing As Winter

15th May 2014

Beach Hammock

Just like many parts of Australia, Fiji is known for its friendly locals, golden beaches, stunning sunny days and warm tropical climate. However, unlike most of Australia, in Fiji there is no such thing as winter. The Fiji weather and climate lends itself to a holiday at any time of year, but particularly in winter for those visitors who wish to escape the colder climes of home.

With temperatures starting to fall in Australia from mid-autumn, typically around the month of May, holiday makers flock to Fiji to chase the summer sun. From May all the way up to the end of the Australian winter in August, temperatures in Fiji rarely drop below 19 degrees Celsius with 18.5 degrees Celsius being the average daily low, typically during the night or early in the morning. Yet during the day, temperatures reach as high as 30 degrees Celsius, making the beaches and islands still a pleasantly refreshing break from the heat.

There is also very little rainfall during this time, making the weather in Fiji absolutely picture perfect. Think of it now, you're crossing the tarmac to board the plane from home, rugged up in tights and coats, with a cold wind blowing across the concrete jungle that is the airport. However, in just a few short hours you'll be disembarking to the crystal blue waters, endless sunshine and sea of smiles that is Fiji.

As the weather warms up you can make full use of the resort pool and work your way through the cocktail menu or feel the sand between your toes with some action-packed water sports. Natural oils used by the experienced massage and spa therapists will soothe your poor, dry, winter-ravaged skin. Don't forget to sunscreen up either to ensure you return home with the kind of warm, healthy glow that you just can't fake and a tan that your friends will be jealous of.

Resort Pool