Fiji - Nothing Compares!

16th September 2014


Fiji is a stunning destination in the South Pacific known for its beautifully clear waters, sun kissed beaches and friendly locals. But you already know all of that, that's why you want to holiday there! However, with so many options to choose from, planning your trip can feel the exact opposite of fun and relaxing. But did you know that out of the 150 accommodation providers there are to choose from, you can easily compare them all in one place? Well you can!

With almost 150 Fiji resorts to choose from, deciding which one is right for you can be a bit overwhelming. Between sticking to your budget, maintaining your preferred star rating and ensuring the hotel still offers all the facilities you look for in a great holiday destination, choosing the best accommodation for your needs has become much easier thanks to our handy compare function.

Beginning with the full range of accommodation options, your shortlist quickly becomes much shorter with the ability to list available properties by star rating, price or amenities. If you're idea of 'roughing it' is three stars then bump that star rating compare up however if you don't quite have the cash for the five star treatment then bring the range down a little bit for the perfect in between.

If you just want to get away as soon as possible and are therefore after the cheapest option, simply sort by price to see which Fiji resorts are offering the cheapest rates. You can also sort by property type in case you're looking for a romantic couples escape or want to holiday with the whole family. Our handy features guide also helps you to narrow down your options by conveniently displaying all the properties main features and amenities in an easy-to-follow icon guide.

When you're ready to make up your mind, you can click on the property to find out more information or click on the quote button to find out how much you'll be up for and start booking that dream Fiji escape.

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