Fiji: Fun For The Whole Family

10th July 2019

Fiji Family

The idea of an overseas holiday seems wonderful, until you start thinking about taking the whole family. Suddenly the stress of keeping the youngsters and the teens happy on a long flight starts to set in and finding activities that are suitable for the whole seems all too hard. Well relax, Fiji is one of the most popular overseas holiday destinations for Australian families and for good reason. The flight is short and comfortable, the weather is wonderful all year round, the Fijians are famous for their warm hospitality and the resorts are renowned for having some of the best kids clubs in the Pacific. It’s the perfect destination for parents to relax and kids to have fun.


Kids of all ages love a bit of adventure and in Fiji there is certainly no shortage of that. From exploring secret gardens to making boats out of coconut husks and learning to catch frogs and lizards, kids club facilities offer a unique range of activities and can be found in most resorts in Fiji. Best of all, you can choose to drop them off while the adults enjoy some relaxing time to themselves or join in the fun with a huge range of experiences designed for the whole family. Splash out in the waterpark of Plantation Island or cool off at the Big Bula Water Park in Denarau. If your family likes a bit of extra adventure, you can even go zip-lining through the jungle canopy in Nadi and Pacific Harbour. Wherever you are in Fiji, there’s an adventure for all ages and the perfect way to enjoy some quality bonding time together.


Come find nemo and all his underwater friends! If you love the ocean and the creatures that call it home, Fiji is the place for your family. Whether you like snorkelling, want to give scuba diving a go or prefer to stay dry and see the wonders from a glass bottom boat, there’s an amazing underwater experience for all ages and skill levels. Enjoy the unique experience of seeing sea turtles released into the ocean, learn all about the marine life from qualified marine biologists and get the little ones started on their first scuba dive with PADI’s Bubblemaker program. These educational and unforgettable experiences will be a highlight of your trip!


If you’d love your kids to gain a greater appreciation for how they and other people live, involve them in a cultural experience where you can all learn about the local way of life. There’s no better place to do that than in Fiji, where the locals are warm and welcoming and happy to share their lifestyle with you. Visit local villages, schools and farms or why not join a game of rugby with the smiling Fijian kids. If you’ve got room in your suitcase for a footy, some books or some toys you’ll be the new best friends of the village children and they will thank you for it graciously. One of the best and easiest ways to visit these local areas is on a guided tour, where a friendly and knowledgeable guide can lead you through native flora and fauna to see Fiji from a different perspective.