Fiji Bulanaires: the People Rich In Happiness

26th March 2019

Fijian Dance

In 2018, Fiji was named as the happiest country on earth, which is no surprise thanks to the amazing tropical weather, spectacular beaches and warm and gentle locals.

The poll, conducted by WIN/Gallup found that 93% of Fijians are either 'happy' or 'very happy' with their lives, making them the most content nationality in the world.

Tourism Fiji's latest campaign in collaboration with This Film Studio, reflects just this, and is promoting the country's positivity, declaring that while Fiji may not be financially rich, the people are extremely rich in happiness.

The aim of the campaign is to re-define the meaning of 'rich'. So, they created the concept of 'Bulanaires' Derived from the Fiji greeting 'bulla' and the term, 'billionaire', Bulanaires define people who are rich in happiness, good health and energy for life.

The campaign also highlights an exclusive 'Bulanaires' club, which includes a select group of people from around the world who reflect the Fijian lifestyle.

Including the likes of famous surf pro, Kelly Slater, the 'Bulanaires' list also includes Fijian international ambassadors who embrace the Bula spirit.

The campaign was launched on International Happiness Day and will continue to be broadcast across television, print, online and social media.

Nicholas Cook from This Film Studio stated that the campaign was a great success.

"It has been a pleasure to work with Tourism Fiji on this ground breaking campaign. At This, we're all about telling human stories and the Bulanaires list is a celebration of something that couldn't be more human - the quest for happiness," he said.

"The campaign is very much about communicating that happiness through a suite of assets we have developed."

At TravelOnline, Fiji is one of our most popular destinations and we always get amazing feedback from our customers about their warm interactions with the Fijian people.

CEO of Tourism Fiji Matthew Stoeckel stated "In Fiji, the warmth and friendliness of the locls is what visitors to the destination remember the most. The Bula Spirit is felt the second you arrive in the destination and stays with you well after you return home. Fiji really is the place where happiness finds you and we developed Bulanaires to share and celebrate this happiness with the world."

To find out more about the Bulanaires campaign and watch the spectacular video, click here.