Fiji: A Cruisey Place To Holiday

14th September 2016

Captain Cook Ship

When most people imagine a holiday to Fiji, they picture themselves sipping cocktails flat out on a sun lounge by the pool of a luxury resort or snorkelling the pristine waters that surround the islands. While this might be entirely accurate, there's a new way to experience the warm hospitality of a Fiji holiday that offers all this and more. Fiji cruises are a unique way to enjoy a relaxing break onboard a stylish yet intimate ship, visiting islands that are rarely visited by tourists and experiencing the friendly Fijians in their natural homes, living the sweet and simple life.

Rather than flying and flopping at one single resort, cruising the Fijian islands allows you to wake up to a new and pristine island every day. Trawling through sparkling waters, you'll discover unspoiled beaches and immaculate diving spots untouched by tourism and development. There are 355 islands that make up Fiji and onboard a cruise, you'll visit a variety of these little islets and atolls, where the Fijian people live just like their ancestors have for centuries. No matter which islands you visit, three things are the same no matter where you go - kava is drunk, the locals won't stop talking about rugby and there will be singing. Sweet, sublime, heavenly singing.

A small community hall in a village on a petite island in the Yasawas group doubles as the community church and if you're lucky enough to be visiting on a Sunday, you just might hear the angels. These come in the form of boys and girls, children from all over the village, dressed in their Sunday best and harmonising hymn after hymn, their voices as clear and pure as the water that flows in the lagoons. Later they'll be joined by their parents, extended family and friends for a church service you will never forget. It is here you will understand the true sense of the word joy.

Quietly curious children will take you by the hand, as easily as their wide beaming smiles take a hold of your heart. The proud locals will escort you through the village, showing off their cattle and crops. They live on what they grow and catch from the sea, which is all shared among the community, everybody contributing and taking only what they need. That's just how life is here in Fiji, where many of the island's inhabitants will be born, live and die without ever leaving. Why would they want to? They're already in paradise.

Like the friendly staff of the onshore resorts, the crew onboard Fiji cruises are delightful. Friendly and funny, they're happy-go-lucky and always remember your name, even if you are only onboard for a few hours a day. After all, the whole point is to visit the islands and get amongst island life. While you're cruising onboard, there's nothing but a gentle sway thanks to the islands and reefs that protect the seas around Fiji. When you're not onboard, you'll find yourself sunbaking on deserted beaches, swimming in clear blue water and snorkelling the colourful coral reefs.

Captain Cook snorkelling