Dive Into Fiji

22nd February 2020

Free Diving

Fiji is a popular holiday destination in the Pacific known for its relaxed lifestyle, beautiful beaches, friendly locals and wonderful weather. However, one of Fiji's biggest attractions is its crystal clear waters and the fantastic diving opportunities they offer. The warm, inviting waters are teeming with a fantastic range of tropical fish, colourful coral and a variety of other marine life. Fiji diving is some of the best in the world and scuba diving here is as enjoyable as it is rewarding. The islands are home to a number of reputable dive operators and friendly professionals that have all the inside word on the best local dive spots.

Allowing you to make the most out of every dive, there are dive sites and instructors to suit all skill levels. There are some excellent diving opportunities for highly experienced and certified divers as well as accompanied dives for the less experienced. There is even the opportunity to hop into the resort pool for an introductory dive to try out the equipment before gaining the confidence to hit the open water. If you want to go diving in Fiji, just make sure you visit between April to October when conditions are at their best. If you visit between June to August, the water cools significantly and you may require a wetsuit.

Some of the most popular Fiji diving sites are Jean-Michel Cousteau in Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Vatulele and the Mamanucas. Jean-Michel Cousteau is ideal for beginners and offers Mystery Reef, lots of brommies, Fan Fair and Dream House. In Vanua Levu, the Great Sea Reef and Fish Wall are popular dive sites known for their pelagics, manta rays and sharks. Taveuni is the world's soft coral capital and boasts Rainbow Reef, The Great White Wall, The Zoo, The Corner and Annie's Brommie. In Vatulele, The Blue Wall, The Aquarium, Outer Limits and Beqa Lagoon are all wonderful places to dive. In the Mamanucas, the Malolo Barrier Reef offers Supermarket, Gotham City and Big W full of sharks, batfish, moray eels and staghorn and elkhorn coral.

From night dives to daytime dives, experienced divers to beginners, solo dives to family-friendly and group dives, there's plenty of Fiji diving options to suit everyone and this amazing experience should not be missed on any visit to Fiji.