Can You Survive Fiji's Mana Island?

28th September 2016

Mana Island

While Australian's might be tuning in to see the teams battle it out in Samoa, the first episode of season 33 of the American reality TV series Survivor has aired and this time, the castaways are competing to outwit, outplay and outlast in Fiji's Mamanuca Islands. The episode aired to 9.25 million US viewers.

A competitive reality TV series that has spawned franchises around the world, Survivor America is hosted and produced by Jeff Probst along with the original creator Charlie Parsons and executive producer Mark Burnett. It first aired in America in 2000 and has since ranked as one of the most watched TV shows in the US. It is one of America's highest rated and most profitable reality TV series.

Stranded in an isolated location, a group of strangers become players in the game of survival and must struggle to provide their own shelter, water, food, fire and basic medical assistance. On top of this, they must compete in a series of challenges that test their physical and mental strength in order to earn rewards or immunity from being voted out of the game. The sole survivor will win a prize of US$1 million.

This season has pit Millennials against Gen X-ers and is filmed on Fiji's Mana Island. Millennials, born between the early 80s through to 2000 are battling against Generation X, born between the early 60s to 80s to see which generation will come out on top. Aside from highlighting the drama caused by being tired, dirty and constantly hungry the series also highlights the sheer beauty of Fiji and Mana Island. If they weren't so distracted by trying to find food, we're sure the contestants would be happy to chill out on the sand.

If you fancy exploring the beauty of Mana Island for yourself you can, albeit in a much more comfortable and enjoyable way. Mana Island Resort offers all the modern comforts while still retaining a traditional Fijian charm. The closest you'll get to hunting for food will be ordering off the room service menu and the only challenges you'll have to face is deciding which cocktail to try next.

Still, if you do feel like getting in touch with nature the pristine beaches and crystal blue waters that surround the island are ideal for swimming and snorkelling straight off the beach. Surrounded by tropical gardens and lush mountainsides, Mana Island Resort sprawls over 300 acres and features a hiking track which takes you to the top of the hill to a point lookout with spectacular panoramic views of the Fijian islands.

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